What do we provide?
GSH aims to approximate as much as possible a normal family environment for the children in its care. The kids are looked after by dedicated house parents who see to their emotional, physical and personal well-being.

Wholesome, nutritious food is provided and a balanced and healthy diet is maintained. All meals are prepared by GSH’s own cooks on site and distributed to each home.


Good Shepherd Homes places a high premium on education. Every child goes to a school best suited to his/her particular needs. 85% Of the children are educated in English schools. No child is left wanting for books, educational materials, school supplies or special tuition.

The children in GSH go on regular outings to zoos, parks, and other places of interest, including GSH summer camps. Hobbies and creative expression through dance, music, art and photography are actively pursued and encouraged. And lest we forget….there’s cricket!!

Personal Care
Many of our children have experienced rejection and abuse in the past. The Good Shepherd Homes team actively aims to aid recovery by counsel, play, and group activities.