Visiting the Good Shepherd Home was a wonderful, encouraging experience. Having seen so many children on the streets with all the joy and hope and life drained from their faces, it was wonderful to see children from that same background thriving in a loving caring environment. You could see the change it had made to them as they had their childhood given back to them. The staff were simply inspiring – their level of devotion to the kids in their care was amazing.
— Tim Brown, GSH Child Sponsor, Woking
In October 2008, from the 20th to 4th of November, we went on our second mission trip which was Mary Simon Hart and myself (Funmi Legunsen). After I went the year before I knew I had to go back again and again. First we visited GSH’s Pune base. The home is beautiful and you can see that the children are being well taken care of. We also went to Talegoan. Part of the reasons for our visit was to conduct a 3-day camp. It an awesome experience. Mary and myself and a number of GSH staffers camped out with about 50 teenagers, which was incredible, We had day-time meetings, movie nights and a camp fire night.
On this trip, we also conducted a 3 days retreat for the house parents and staff, which was a great blessing to them and us, with classes on parenting and family. We closed our trip with a big carnival for all the children.
— Liz Legunsen, Make-up Artist, London
GSH is such a compassionate organisation and has been running efficiently for over 10 years. Here is a wonderful opportunity to invest in the lives and rehabilitation of the poorest of the poor.
— Ian Christenson, Author and Pastor of New Life Centre, Stonebridge,
Good Shepherd Homes have developed an incredible family atmosphere in each of the homes they have. Over the course of 5 visits it’s been a joy to see the children grow up and beginning working towards their futures. By supporting GSH through fund raising or spreading the word you’ll be putting many children on a new journey of hope. All I can say is a big thank for the impact visiting GSH has had on my life! Keep up the good work and keep us updated!
— Jordan Mary, 25, UK photographer.