The oldest base of Good Shepherd Homes is Talegaon, situated near the foothills of the West Indian mountains. The town proved to be an ideal location for GSH, with clean air, ample green space, a good number of quality schools, and good road/train access to Pune city which lies at 25 miles distance. For almost 20 years, Talegaon was Good Shepherd Homes’ main hub, with units operating in various parts of the town. Most of the groups were based in Rajguru Colony, a sleepy bungalow colony located near Talegaon Station.

The Talegaon hill, the many open spaces which were ideally suited for sports and games, and the warm and affable resident community are etched in the memories of the over 200 children and staff who lived in the village.

When GSH was ready to purchase land, the charity decided to stay close to its old stomping ground. The Parantwadi Children’s village is located a mere 5 miles form Talegaon. The new centre was dedicated in June 2018.