The Parandhwadi Village is a dream that has been a long time coming. We first started to look for real estate in the hill outside Pune City in the late 1990s, as we trudged from from plot to plot over the arid summer plains. Finally, with the help of a UK charity called Christian Cause, we secured 11.5 acres just 28 miles from Pune in 2003. Excited and ready to build, we did not realise that we had a decade long battle ahead to obtain the various building permits that would allow us to actually build our campus. By the grace of God, we finally rolled out at the other end of the bureaucratic maze in 2013 with papers in hand, funds in the bank and an agreement with Rajesh Constuctions to take the project in hand. 

Construction was completed early 2018. The official opening of the centre will take place on June 2nd 2018 on location. 

Special thanks goes out to George, Renos and James Sideras from Christian Cause, without whose funding none of this would have been possible, and to our construction consultant Rob Sutton who has patiently guided the building process from day one. 

The Buildings