What does Good Shepherd Homes actually provide for the children?
GSH provides for the children in every aspect of life, including housing, care, education (85% of children in GSH are educated in English Medium Schools), clothing and entertainment. Three nutritious meals are cooked and provided daily by the charities’ own kitchen staff. The organisation employs 30 full-time workers. Accommodation for an additional 430 children is currently under construction.

How does GSH choose which children to admit? 
We meet and admit children through 3 avenues:

1. The GSH jeep goes out to troubled areas in Mumbai and Pune four times a week, equipped with food and first aid. Thanks to the outreach, GSH team members have regular and direct interaction with the homeless community in Pune and Mumbai.

2. Networking with other charities. GSH is in constant touch with a number of child care agencies in Pune and Mumbai. Many children were referred to GSH through one of these charities. (See the question on partnerships).

3. Applications from children’s relatives or neighbours. If relatives or friends refer a child to Good Shepherd Homes, a representative from GSH will investigate the case before admitting.
Good Shepherd Homes has 3 basic criteria when it comes to admitting children.
GSH will only consider admitting a child if the child:
a) is not attending school.
b) does not have adequate accommodation.
c) does not have one parent able/willing to provide basic care.

Does Good Shepherd Homes network with other organisations?
Good Shepherd Homes partners with several charities both in the United Kingdom, the USA and India. Care and Relief for the Young (CRY UK), a charity that primarily funds projects in Eastern Europe and Africa, has sponsored GSH projects in Nasik and Malavli.